How to Stay at Peace While Discussing American Politics

When discussing politics with another person, the conversation almost always ends in frustration. This person doesn’t see the situation my way, or this person is being so careless about what the population really needs. There are literally endless arguments that can be made on the front of American politics. These conversations boil our blood, and often times stir us up for at least the next hour. So why do we let these talks get us so worked up? We need to learn how to maintain our balance in times of discussion, and not let the other person’s beliefs affect our own emotions. There is no reason to let someone else’s thoughts ruin our day as much as it does currently.

political discussion gone wrong

These people don’t appear to be calmly discussing politics. Make some changes to have a calm conversation. Taken by Sharon Mollerus.

Both democrats and republicans can benefit from this, because it’s something both parties struggle with. Many Americans (even those of the same party) have problems when matters of politics are brought up. The main thing we need to realize with each and every conversation is that it will not directly affect the government anyways, so there is no need to let the political views of someone else ruin our day. This may be hard for some people to see even though it is a very simple idea. Understanding our outside perspective is very important. We also need to know that just because someone else has a different idea about the topic at hand, doesn’t mean we should think of them less as a person. Nothing that someone states politically should give us a reason to judge them. Every problem that exists has more than one way to solve it. This doesn’t make one better than the other, just that there are more options available than one might think.

If we each start to incorporate these simple and easy techniques, we may be in a better spot to understand the actual problem. When we see a problem from another point of view, even if we don’t agree with it, it gives us more insight to the situation. The more angles we are able to understand, the more wisdom we have. Instead of getting in a fuss about politics, we can actually learn something from someone who does not have the same opinion as you. By understanding this, we can look at politic discussions in a whole new way. This gives you an edge that your peers may not even understand. This also helps you, because you will react in a better way when you can explain something back to them using their own words. They might not understand your perspective, but you understand theirs. This gives you just a step ahead of them.

happy political people

These people are happy, and we want to be like them, especially after discussing politics. Taken by Virginia Artaza.

Politics should never be something taken as hurtful, judgmental, or discriminating against another individual. But, unfortunately, many people in America look at these discussions in this way. We need to learn how to balance the mind, and understand the full extent of the problem that is being discussed. By using other’s ideas and listening to what they have to say, it will help you develop your own thoughts. By learning about yourself and other’s perspectives, you are actually gaining wisdom throughout this process. This can either strengthen or weaken your previous beliefs, but both are making you well rounded. That is what is most important when discussing American politics. After all, we both represent the same country, and want the best for what is to come. We all need to be happy with whatever happens, and make the best out of the future as it comes our way.


Helping Our Politicians Know Where To Go

I think the politicians of the United States mostly have their hearts in the right places, but many of them also need to keep themselves from losing touch with the common man. I’ve been dabbling with different GPS services lately and found this site: which has been invaluable with navigating my own hometown, and more importantly, when visiting the towns of some of my friends or extended family members. I think that maybe if our politicians had this service, maybe some of them would be able to get to their congressional meetings and actually attend the voting procedures!


It’s pretty safe to say we can all be a little scared of something like this happening to us if we don’t have really strong job security. I can’t help but think it looks like the poster for a horror movie from the 1980’s; maybe it has something to do with the finger pointing of guilt! © outtacontext.

Unemployment has been fluctuating in different parts of the U.S. for most of this new millennium, with two different presidents and two different political parties (the Republicans and Democrats for those of you outside of the U.S. that aren’t in the know) running the show at different times, one would hope that they could save the jobs of the masses and the economy. But it’s really not that simple and for many of us, our understanding has been that the banks of the country essentially took and wasted way more than their fair share of taxpayer funded relief from the government. While I suppose I’m making a blanket statement for a complicated issue, I still feel a bit frustrated as many Americans do.


Gay marriage has been a bit of an edged issue in politics and culture for quite some time now. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with anyone wanting to marry whoever they want, but I know it’s not any simple issue. © Mario Piperni.

I’m not sure if getting more connected with one another or trying to sync up their schedules so they can all be able to meet and decide on what’s best for the nation is an issue for the politicians of this country but I don’t think it would hurt! I’m hoping maybe if they see the cultural wants and needs of the public that they represent, maybe we’ll have more than just thirty states with legalized marriage, after all, we have to show we’re a progressive nation that values civil and human rights, unlike some of our neighbors across the pond (I’m looking at you Russia!)


I just love this photo for how humorous it is. I don’t mean to take away from the positive message that the photo comes with when I say this, and I know Barack Obama is probably the most athletic president we’ve had, but I don’t think he’s quite this buff and ripped under his suit! © Beverly & Pack.


Health Scares And Damage Control

I honestly don’t even have to try and keep an ear to the ground about the world of politics, particularly in the United States of America. I feel constantly bombarded by the news media, on the radio, on billboards, on specific programs on television, in the commercials between those programs, and let’s not forget the internet (the pop up advertisements and constant headlines on many search engines are pretty much inescapable aren’t they?) Now I suppose that sounds like I hate it but I do actually enjoy being well informed with as minimal effort on my part as possible. People used to have to read and talk with people in the news industry personally if they really wanted to be informed but now even someone as ignorant as me can be in the know!


Maybe it’s the writer in me but I just love mash up drawings and pictures like this that have many complicated ideas and issues all squished together. I imagine that this is what the inside of a world leader’s head would look like if you could put it all into one image! © Kurtis Garbutt.

So a recent story I’ve been hearing about that has had me pretty bothered was all about this “Ebola scare.” Even someone that’s pretty far removed from Africa like me knows how deadly that the Ebola virus is… I remember studying it in high school and college a little bit and found out that it has a lot of variation for the time between symptoms showing up and how long it takes for the virus to incubate within a person’s body (more than a week if I remember right) and the painful symptoms including fever, muscle soreness and fatigue along with serious symptoms like influenza make it sound like a nightmarish illness to be afflicted with before dying. There are literally endless arguments that can be made on the front of American politics. The internal and external bleeding are apparently the usual causes of death (and trust me, as someone who has suffered from a bleeding ulcer, vomiting your own blood until your own death’s door is one of the worst experiences I’ve ever been through in my life and I don’t wish it on anyone!)


It’s alarming to think that something this tiny can be as lethal as it is. In fact it looks more like a child’s drawing than something that could potentially kill billions of people without the proper precautions… © Ben Brown.

Well thankfully the case has been contained as far as I’ve heard, in the Dallas area of Texas and the ambulance that was used to hospitalize the victim of Ebola was even appropriately decontaminated and the people that the victim was in contact with were also quarantined, questioned and tested. So at the very least, I can see that there have been the proper serious safety protocols being followed and we won’t be seeing Ebola spreading throughout the western hemisphere or something dramatic like that. I’m very thankful for all of the hard work that the men and women in the medical profession do for all of us and in this situation I’m glad that the news media has put a strong light on this situation so that people can be made aware of just how close even a powerful nation can be to the diseases that are predominantly in third world nations.



I know this article has been pretty much a downer for the most part, but I like to have a sense of humor so enjoy this comic I found and think about how efficient your local government is at using you and your fellow citizens’ tax dollars for the things you actually want (like proper medical care!) © Stephen VanDyke.