Political Conversations

How to Stay at Peace While Discussing American Politics

political discussion gone wrong

When discussing politics with another person, the conversation almost always ends in frustration. This person doesn’t see the situation my way, or this person is being so careless about what the population really needs. There are literally endless arguments that can be made on the front of American politics. These conversations boil our blood, and […]

Where To Go

Helping Our Politicians Know Where To Go

I think the politicians of the United States mostly have their hearts in the right places, but many of them also need to keep themselves from losing touch with the common man. I’ve been dabbling with different GPS services lately and found this site: www.igoandroid.com/igo-primo/ which has been invaluable with navigating my own hometown, and […]

Health Scares

Health Scares And Damage Control

I honestly don’t even have to try and keep an ear to the ground about the world of politics, particularly in the United States of America. I feel constantly bombarded by the news media, on the radio, on billboards, on specific programs on television, in the commercials between those programs, and let’s not forget the […]