Health Scares

Health Scares And Damage Control

I honestly don’t even have to try and keep an ear to the ground about the world of politics, particularly in the United States of America. I feel constantly bombarded by the news media, on the radio, on billboards, on specific programs on television, in the commercials between those programs, and let’s not forget the internet (the pop up advertisements and constant headlines on many search engines are pretty much inescapable aren’t they?) Now I suppose that sounds like I hate it but I do actually enjoy being well informed with as minimal effort on my part as possible. People used to have to read and talk with people in the news industry personally if they really wanted to be informed but now even someone as ignorant as me can be in the know!


Maybe it’s the writer in me but I just love mash up drawings and pictures like this that have many complicated ideas and issues all squished together. I imagine that this is what the inside of a world leader’s head would look like if you could put it all into one image! © Kurtis Garbutt.

So a recent story I’ve been hearing about that has had me pretty bothered was all about this “Ebola scare.” Even someone that’s pretty far removed from Africa like me knows how deadly that the Ebola virus is… I remember studying it in high school and college a little bit and found out that it has a lot of variation for the time between symptoms showing up and how long it takes for the virus to incubate within a person’s body (more than a week if I remember right) and the painful symptoms including fever, muscle soreness and fatigue along with serious symptoms like influenza make it sound like a nightmarish illness to be afflicted with before dying. There are literally endless arguments that can be made on the front of American politics. The internal and external bleeding are apparently the usual causes of death (and trust me, as someone who has suffered from a bleeding ulcer, vomiting your own blood until your own death’s door is one of the worst experiences I’ve ever been through in my life and I don’t wish it on anyone!)


It’s alarming to think that something this tiny can be as lethal as it is. In fact it looks more like a child’s drawing than something that could potentially kill billions of people without the proper precautions… © Ben Brown.

Well thankfully the case has been contained as far as I’ve heard, in the Dallas area of Texas and the ambulance that was used to hospitalize the victim of Ebola was even appropriately decontaminated and the people that the victim was in contact with were also quarantined, questioned and tested. So at the very least, I can see that there have been the proper serious safety protocols being followed and we won’t be seeing Ebola spreading throughout the western hemisphere or something dramatic like that. I’m very thankful for all of the hard work that the men and women in the medical profession do for all of us and in this situation I’m glad that the news media has put a strong light on this situation so that people can be made aware of just how close even a powerful nation can be to the diseases that are predominantly in third world nations.



I know this article has been pretty much a downer for the most part, but I like to have a sense of humor so enjoy this comic I found and think about how efficient your local government is at using you and your fellow citizens’ tax dollars for the things you actually want (like proper medical care!) © Stephen VanDyke.