Where To Go

Helping Our Politicians Know Where To Go

I think the politicians of the United States mostly have their hearts in the right places, but many of them also need to keep themselves from losing touch with the common man. I’ve been dabbling with different GPS services lately and found this site: www.igoandroid.com/igo-primo/ which has been invaluable with navigating my own hometown, and more importantly, when visiting the towns of some of my friends or extended family members. I think that maybe if our politicians had this service, maybe some of them would be able to get to their congressional meetings and actually attend the voting procedures!


It’s pretty safe to say we can all be a little scared of something like this happening to us if we don’t have really strong job security. I can’t help but think it looks like the poster for a horror movie from the 1980’s; maybe it has something to do with the finger pointing of guilt! © outtacontext.

Unemployment has been fluctuating in different parts of the U.S. for most of this new millennium, with two different presidents and two different political parties (the Republicans and Democrats for those of you outside of the U.S. that aren’t in the know) running the show at different times, one would hope that they could save the jobs of the masses and the economy. But it’s really not that simple and for many of us, our understanding has been that the banks of the country essentially took and wasted way more than their fair share of taxpayer funded relief from the government. While I suppose I’m making a blanket statement for a complicated issue, I still feel a bit frustrated as many Americans do.


Gay marriage has been a bit of an edged issue in politics and culture for quite some time now. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with anyone wanting to marry whoever they want, but I know it’s not any simple issue. © Mario Piperni.

I’m not sure if getting more connected with one another or trying to sync up their schedules so they can all be able to meet and decide on what’s best for the nation is an issue for the politicians of this country but I don’t think it would hurt! I’m hoping maybe if they see the cultural wants and needs of the public that they represent, maybe we’ll have more than just thirty states with legalized marriage, after all, we have to show we’re a progressive nation that values civil and human rights, unlike some of our neighbors across the pond (I’m looking at you Russia!)


I just love this photo for how humorous it is. I don’t mean to take away from the positive message that the photo comes with when I say this, and I know Barack Obama is probably the most athletic president we’ve had, but I don’t think he’s quite this buff and ripped under his suit! © Beverly & Pack.